Mission Statement

Our purpose is to do something about the continuing hunger problem that ranks Oklahoma high in the nation for the percentage of people that need assistance just to eat. We currently feed over 57,000 people a week out of the food bank. Of those, nearly 40% are children, we need to fix this.

Our Event

Drummers helping fill the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. So they can continue their work to eliminate food insecurity and hunger in our area. Each drummer needs to bring 10 cans of food,with 100% of donations going to the Food Bank.

If there are more than 582 drummers playing together at the same time here in Tulsa, we could break a world record currently held by "Drumfest" in England.



Drum Day 2014!

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Drum Day Tulsa!  This will be the BIGGEST Drum Day Tulsa yet.  Will you be a part of if?!  Stay tuned for more details!